Freeman MC - live stream

Join Freeman MC as he launches and live streams his new album ‘Quest’ as part of Streatham festival
Wednesday, 14th Oct 2020

Freeman MC launches his new album ‘Quest’ as part of Streatham festival. Featuring special guests CARMEN LONDON, SITES, BUGSY DON and SIMBA BOY.

Show begins at 8pm!                                                                                                                                                                                          

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A songwriter, rapper and musician with deep roots in the gospel tradition, Freeman cleverly explores a variety of genres and styles from traditional hip hop and rap, reggae, R&B and rock.

His new album ‘Quest’ offers an opportunity of dialogue across cultures and joyfully expresses the vision of togetherness.

One of the chefs at Hideaway, Freeman MC is bringing together the hidden talents of the Hideaway workforce under the spotlight alongside a host of special guests plus other artists who also feature in the adventures of the ‘Quest’ album.

A Hideaway Joint Promotion in Association with Freeman MC.